Time to learn a new programming language Rust


I am java developer. Writing Java code day in and day out has taken all fun out of programming. I love coding in Java, but wanted to learn a new language (not for any new job opportunities or career). I wanted to learn a new language just to get away from Java Boredom. I still keep myself update with all new cool features that Java has introduced (Predicates, Lambdas, Permgen exit etc), after all it pays my bills.  :)

Now, I went through various blogs, talked to few senior folks in my company as well as other people in my friend circle. Here were some suggestions given.

One of my close friends Pankaj who is working as a Engg Lead/Manager in LiveStream suggested to go ahead and give Scala a try.  His reasoning was, it was very difficult to write thread safe code in Java, Scala makes it easier, Scala has a more functional construct as opposed to Java which is more Object Oriented. While I didn’t disagree with his views, Scala is still a JVM based language, and I wanted to learn something very different from Java. Hence I gave Scala a pass.

One of my college senior and a person whom I consider my mentor (I take his advise pretty seriously) suggested me to learn machine learning, big data stuff (Hadoop, Cassandra, etc) in order to enhance career opportunities. I went on to Coursera and watched a video on machine learning. I am sorry to say but half way through the video I felt asleep. I didn’t want to learn something to take my career to the next level and be the shining geek in Silicon Valley of India (Bengaluru). I wanted something more fun and less sleepy. :)

I also considered Go programming language, (companies like Uber actively investing in it), and it is considered an ideal language to build low latency high performance micro services. But again similarity with Java and C++ drove me away.

Swift also crossed my mind with Swift enthusiasts saying it would replace Objective C (which it might probably). Swift is more of a language to build ios Apps and I didn’t want to build next multi million dollar ios app that would automatically open and close bottle of coke on demand. :)

I settled on Rust.

So why Rust?

  • It is so different from Java. (at least that is what my initial impression is).
  • It helps writing secure code. Ohh yeah, hackers never ever dare to hack my rust code.
  • It is a systems programming language. I can write a freaking Operating system in it.

This is my first post. In subsequent posts, I will share my learnings, and help you readers as well to learn rust. I have given myself 3 months to become a Rust expert and so will every developer reading my blog. So go ahead, wish me luck, bookmark my website, share it among your friends and start your awesome journey with me to become a Rust Ninja.