6 reasons why you must use React Native for mobile app development


React Native is a library used for building native apps for Android and ios using React. First, go through the major companies using React Native so that you are sure you are making the right decision.

  • Bloomberg
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Skype
  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Airbnb
  • SoundCloud
  • And many more

1. Truly Cross-Platform App

Write once, use everywhere. No need to use Java for Android, Swift for ios app and new language for new mobile OS. Just use java script and build your app for every platform.

2. Amazing Performance

Keep in mind that this is not a hybrid app (like ionic) that you are building, you are building a native app. So it will perform fast truly like a native app. If performance is one of your concerns and you are contemplating ionic vs flutter vs React Native, go for

Transform Any Web Project into a Mobile Decision Easily

If you already have a react web app and you want to transform it to a mobile app, it is easier.

3. Very Short Development & Testing Cycle

The same app, if you are planning to build using native code, like Java or Kotlin for Android, Swift or Objective C for ios you can reduce the development time by half.

4. See your changes without restart

This is an amazing feature of React where you don’t have to restart your dev environment to see your changes. You keep developing and your changes are available for live preview.

5. Easy to learn

I have used AngularJS for web app development and it is a pain to learn and debug (all those scopes, digest cycle, 2 way data binding, links, directives, crazy stuff). Compared to AngularJS, I found React much faster to learn as well as to debug. Any issue turn around time is very less in React Native if you get some bugs during testing.

6. Easy to Test

Testing the app is very easy as compare to testing your android apps where you need those painful emulators. Installing the Android SDK and then those emulators on your system is a big task in itself. React Native lets you test your app directly on real Mobile device using Expo.

Go ahead and start your awesome journey of learning React Native and then building your first mobile app.

Start learning React Native Dev

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