BigTable pricing


Google Cloud BigTable pricing is based mainly on storage type. If your requirement is 1 node, and the server is running 24 hour per day, 7 day a week, and you use SSD storage of 1 TB per month, then your average cost would be USD $650 per month. If instead of SSD you use HDD storage, keeping all other requirements same, then cost would be reduced to USD $500 per month.

Egress from Google Cloud to the internet for Cloud Bigtable is charged at standard networking rates.

You can use for putting in your exact requirements and get a better estimate.

Some types of network egress traffic are subject to bandwidth charges, as shown below.

Egress to the same zoneFree
Egress between zones in the same regionFree
Cross-region network egress to the same continent (per GB)$0.01
Inter-continental egressAt Internet egress rate

For more comprehensive details on Google Pricing, please refer below link.

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