How to create a new React Application


If this is your first React application that you are building please follow the steps below

  1. Install Node and NPM. Please note that your node needs to be later than or equal to version 8.10. Since I do development on windows and need multiple node versions I installed . This utility lets me switch between varioud node versions on windows but you might not need this.
  2. Go to command line and run the following commands
npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

3. For those in doubt, npx is just a package manager which is supported from npm version 5.2+ onwards.

4. It will launch the application on your browser with URL http://localhost:3000/

5. Once you are done coding and need to deploy to production, run the following command.

npm run build

This will create production ready build for your application.

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