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A long time ago a senior exec of a Billion Dollar company told me a line that is still sticking with me.

No Sales, No Company

No matter that you have an amazing product that is out of the world or an amazing service that no one else provides, if you (or your sales team) is unable to make sales, then very soon your business will turn into your hobby. (Since it won’t be paying your bills).

Let me take this advice one step further which is very relevant in today’s age.

No CRM, No Sales

The first question that would come to your mind, why the hell do I need a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) (I am selling just fine). Here are some reasons why a CRM is not only useful, but a very critical part of your business growth strategy.

You will get a 360 Degree view of your customers and prospects

  • You will create a central repository for all your customer data.
  • You will gain key insights on common customer patterns which can help you to understand and sell them better.

Increase Sales

  • Who does not like more money, unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.
  • Based on rich customer profiles you will convert more leads and sell smarter
  • Create personal quotations specific to each customer

We provide option of SuitCRM solution, both on Cloud as well as your own servers at a very reasonable cost with full support for on boarding and maintainence.

Below are some snapshots for your reference

Creating a lead

Create an opportunity

Create Newsletter, Email, non email campaigns as well as Survey

The CRM is exhaustive and you can use it to create Invoices, cases, targets, email templates, pdf templates and the list goes on. It is much better than SalesForce as well as Microsoft Dynamics and gives you a lot of freedom to configure and deploy.

Ready to take your sales and business to next level at very affordable cost. Drop us an email at or fill up this form and we will schedule a demo to you.

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