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25th April 2021

Nine Areas Where Small Businesses Can Cut Costs To Fund Growth

One strategy for a small-business owner looking to add staff or services is to first consider where they can trim costs to free up both time and money.
Nonessential Functions, Heavy Time Consumers, Vendor Management, Technology and communications, Social Media Marketing, BookKeeping, Slow Paying Clients, Insurance, Energy Consumption.

24th April 2021

Protocols to follow for a successful digital marketing campaign

Create a Mobile Friendly Website. Increase The Speed of Your Website. Have Popular Social Media Profiles. Create Premium & Actionable Content. Use Graphics, Videos, Pictures and Infographics. Audit Website Results With Key Performance Indicators.

How to measure social media ROI

Social media ROI is the return on investment for engaging in social media as a form of marketing. Think of what ROI stands for in business, and then apply it specifically to social media activity. Measuring social media ROI has several benefits. One obvious result is that it can help you squeeze the most from your budget — no matter how tight it may be.

22nd April 2021

20 Social Media Analytics Tools for Small Businesses

Great tools make your job easier, save precious time and give you insights into each of the social networking sites that your company or clients are active on.

Marketing Strategies that Lawers should be using in 2021

Optimize your website for local search. Master your content strategy. Conduct audience research. Build up your ‘EAT’ Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT). Run Google Ads Campaigns. Publish optimized landing pages Generate leads with Gated Content.

Media Monitoring Tools Market to Register 13.2% Growth till 2028

The global media monitoring tools market size is projected to reach USD 7.25 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period. The total number of internet users worldwide has reached 4.57 billion, with over 50% of the population using social media websites and applications.



18th April 2021

Digital Marketing Tips for small businesses

Use Facebook and Twitter to showcase customer testimonials Use Email marketing to boost connections with existing clients. It is key for customer retention. Use Video marketing and show your face to have a direct connect with your client. Live videos are even better than regular videos. And you must have a live chat option on your website.

10 Visual Marketing Tools for companies without a design team

Using Canva you can create high-quality graphics for your business profile. Paletton is amazing for aesthetic and colorful images. Use Apowersoft Background Eraser to remove bad background from your images. Slidebean makes your slides incredibly and visually powerful. Using Hatchful you can create logo in a matter of minutes. Piktochart can be used to create great infographics. Creatopy can be used to create good banners for display advertising.

5 amazing benefits of influencer marketing for your business

People block ads but they watch influencer content on social media. Influencers produce relatively inexpensive content. Influencers increase trust level in your product. Influencers increase your social media presence.

17th April 2021

How to use Instagram to grow your home decor business

Home Decor is a business that would be augmented very well with Instagram. You could visualize the concept, use the right hashtags, find ways to be useful to your potential customers, give them a lot of colorful pictures, invest in photography, encourage user-generated content and create a photo booth in your physical store.

16th April 2021

A Business Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest is known as catalogue of ideas, 66% of Pinterest represent brands and products. The most popular category on Pinterest is Food and Drinks. Average number of monthly searches on Pinterest is 2 Billion. Posting high quality videos and pictures regularly, create boards for different types of pins, follow related businesses, create shoppable product pins.

Which social media platforms deliver the best returns

Facebook is on top with great B2C potential. LinkedIn is sought highly from a B2B perspective. Instagram scores highly in B2C segment. Twitter is a good engagement platform for both B2B and B2C. Pinterest is also an excellent choice for B2C but lacks in engagement. Snapchat is more targeted towards kids and Whatsapp towards direct communication.


15th April 2021

Awario Helps you get real time social listening and insights

Awario is an amazing brand monitoring and social listening tool. It helps you do non stop monitoring for your keywords in real time. It has powerful analytics where you can get details of positive, negative and neutral sentiments.

Brandwatch helps you do Brand Management and competitor analysis

By using Brandwatch you can monitor your brand online, you can benchmark your performance against competitors and you can do trend analysis as well in order to predict consumer needs.

How social media tools help your business save a lot of time

6 important benefits that social media brings which helps your business save time. The key features which help you do that are managing multiple accounts, automated content scheduling, developing a post schedule, monitoring and engagement  and last but not the least, reporting and analytics.

How vacation industry is leveraging power of social media tools

How travel and vacation agencies are using power of social media to attract more customers. Important aspects are curated reviews on Google My Business, personalized agency contact, sending automated messages on birthdays, etc.


13 April 2021

Top 3 secrets to successful social media marketing

Digital Empathy CEO Mr Robert talks about 3 secrets to social media marketing, namely getting a solid understanding of your second degree network. importance of organizing your social media calendar by picking themes for each calendar month and using stories, behind the scenes and community model for your social media engagement.

6 Social Media Marketing trends that we can’t ignore in 2021

400 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, Users spend more than 28 minutes on Instagram stories. 30 % of Instagram users become more interested in products through stories. Social commerce is rising with 84% of online buyers look at a company’s social media account before buying. 30% eCommerce happens directly on social media platforms. 50% of Millenials shop through social media. And chatbots are taking over customer service.


12 April 2021

Benefits of Manual Social Media Marketing

If you as a small business can afford a dedicated social media team or a person,  it is highly recommended you go for it. This will help you create real time content which is up to date. You will be much better in customer engagement than any marketing automation tools available. You can do much better in brand awareness, demand generation, customer satisfaction and building community.

How are small businesses learning Social Media Marketing

70% of businesses do trial and error to learn what is working and what is not on social media marketing. 42% of businesses just copy from their competitors. 39% of businesses use free online tutorials. 38% of businesses use friends and family as their source of learning for small businesses. 13% of businesses hire consultants. And 11% of businesses go for paid online tutorials.

Primary Social Media networks that small businesses use

78% of small businesses use Facebook. 64% of small businesses have a presence on Instagram. 41% of small businesses actively use Twitter. 11% of small businesses use Pinterest. 7% of small businesses use TikTok. 5% of small businesses use snapchat. So if you are a small business, these platforms and networks must be part of your social media marketing strategy.


Good Digital Marketing programs that Entrepreneurs can check out

These are 5 awesome digital marketing programs that you can go through in case you want to do digital marketing on your own for your business. Google Digital Unlocked- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is free and good if you want to master digital marketing basics.  Great Lakes Executive Learning- Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing helps you learn tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEM Rush, Hootsuite, Canva, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads.  Udemy- The Complete Digital Marketing Course focuses on SEO, youtube marketing, google adwords, google analytics and facebook marketing.

11 April 2021

Social Media Marketing Planning

The COO of  ET Media Labs Private Limited talks about how businesses can do robust social media marketing planning. Key points he talks about are setting goals relevant to businesses, researching the target audience, establishing important metrics and KPIs, focus on ad copies, and last but not the least remarketing and engaging with audiences.

Post Planner vs Buffer

This will help you decide between Post Planner and Buffer on which is a better social media marketing tool.  With Post Planner you can create content and publish to top 5 social networks. (facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, twitter). It claims to be lower in cost. Buffer claims to be simpler social media engagement tool with high user engagement.

7 Really Good Instagram Marketing Tools

If your customers are on Instagram, you must check out these 7 really good instagram marketing tools that would help you grow your business. They talk about Buffer which is pretty good for scheduling, Iconosquare which focusses on tag monitoring, getting metrics on your followers, Social Insight – which helps you organize your followers and subscribers list statistics, Awario – which helps you find mentions of your brand and MailChimp – where you can manage Instagram advertising campaigns. If your social media marketing posting volumes are high Grum can be the right fit.

Best Sentiment Analysis Tools

You as a business owner or marketer want to know if the feedback, comments that you are getting about your business is positive, negative or neutral. This is provided by sentiment analysis tools that use machine learning and natural language processing to find that out. The top 5 tools for this job are Awario, Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Lexalytics and Hootsuite Insights.


10 April 2021

These 4 tools will help you improve your networking with social media.


You can put customer segmentation at the center of your strategy.  You can identify the right audiences, discover the right insights and grow your business.  Use this resource to identify relevant users, create specific segments, and engage in meaningful conversations.


Intent Leads you can action immediately. This is ideal for B2B companies to priortize with daily leads already in buyer’s journey. You define search parameters, then LeadSift gets into action, it mines the public web, find target customers who are talking to your competitors when they are nearing the buying cycle. They have good integrations with marketing automation tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, AgileCRM, ActiveCampaign and Salesforce Pardot.


This is an excellent feedback collection tool.  You can start collecting actionable feedback from your customers in minutes. There is no technical setup required for this. They have very simple and easy-to-setup survey templates.


This is a nice content discovery engine. It scans millions of articles from online resources and gives you a stream of useful content that you can plugin into your social media marketing. You can use these in your social media, email newsletters, websites, market intelligence and your own apps.

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