Some key metrics that you can track for your software engineering team


Here are few metrics that could be useful in tracking performance of your software engineering teams. Unless we measure, we can’t fix something.

Stability – Less than 2% of code deployed for the year should result in downtime of the application

Testability – By the end of the quarter, our codebase should have code coverage of at least 97%

Code/Cyclomatic complexity – No code should make it into code review with a cyclomatic complexity higher than what E2open suggests

Knowledge Sharing/Brown Bag Sessions – Once every two weeks you share an article with your team describing a part of the development process in our company.

Support and Feedback – Every two weeks you have sent at least one email to the sales team/support sharing what work you’ve done and seeing if they have any feedback

Lead Time  – Time to complete for a Small/Medium/Large Story

Cycle Time – how long it takes you to make a change to your software system and deliver that change into production.

Open/close rates  – how many production issues are reported and closed within a specific time period.

QA Metrics – Percentage of stories where manual qa is done, percentage of stories where automation qa is done and so on, Unit Testing coverage and so on.

Static Analysis Coverage – Sonar Metrics for blocker/critical/medium issues by product line.

Security Metrics – No. of blocker, critical and medium issues security issues found using various security scans (OWSAP, BURRP, ZAP, etc)

Developer Burnout Ratio – Percentage of excess time logged by developers on a weekly basis indicating developer burnout.

Time Category Metrics – Percentage of time spent on product roadmap, technical maintenance, product support, etc.

Defect Escape Matrix – Percentage of tickets found at product dev, product qa, UAT and by end users.

Please suggest more metrics which you guys use in your teams and we can add the same here.


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